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Machine Learning on Windows 10 – Part 5: Python Overview

In this post we will quickly review the Python language. Luckily, the language and syntax are very intuitive and easy to learn, especially for developers that are familiar with other languages. The most important thing about Python in regards to ML is the vast number of Math and Data libraries available. Much of Machine Learning is getting the data in theh correct format for processing. This usually requires much data loading and transformation before it can be used by an ML algorithm.

I found the following site is a really good resource for learning Python. I would recommend reading through Chapters 3 to Chapters 10. For chapter three, For Chapter 3, you can enter the “python” at the Ubuntu command line, or py within the Visual Studio Code Terminal.

Problem Solving with Python

Going through all the material and trying it out yourself will take some time, but it is important in order to move on to the Machine Learning projects. Chapter 4 reviews tuples and dictionaries. These structures will be used often in data analysis and ML.

Table of Contents and quick links:

Chapter 3 The Python REPL

Chapter 4 Data Types and Variables

Chapter 5 NumPy and Arrays

Chapter 6 Plotting with Matplotlib

Chapter 7 Functions and Modules

Chapter 8 If Else Try Except

Chapter 9 Loops

Chapter 10 Symbolic Math